CFS(Container Freight Station)

ILS has recently set up a Container Freight Station, at Barka, to devan LCL containers. The location of the CFS is very convenient, as Muscat city is about 1 hour away and Nizwa and Sohar takes about 2 hours. This is a common user facility and the entire area is well protected with CCTV cameras and security guards. The CFS facility is semi conventional and hence can store heavy cargo which needs floor stacking. For palletised cargo, the CFS offers a racked facility with a capacity of 850 pallet positions. The warehouse is equipped with forklifts, labour and trucks of various capacities for delivering the goods. Value added solutions like kitting, carpentry, labeling is possible within the facility. The facility is managed by a team of trained personnel, familiar with CFS operations.

Customs official is available on site and goods are secured and stored under customs control at our customs bonded CFS facility. Customers can clear the goods at our CFS facility and payment of duty can be made at our premises itself.

Our CFS Services are supported by the following:

  • Availability of Bonded Storage
  • Bonded Transportation Services includes container drayage and LCL cargo
  • Experienced Customer Service staff provides quality service
  • Devanning upon availability of container
  • Ideally located with easy access to major highways
  • Little or no waiting time when picking-up shipments
  • Delivery trucks on standby
  • On call carpenter services
  • On call

CFS is a place where containers are stuffed, de-stuffed and aggregation/ segregation of export/import cargo takes place. With the growing volume of international trade, the need for expeditious clearance of goods at the port within the minimum possible time has been gaining importance. This is more so when the ports are facing congestion at their premises. Further, for optimal utilization of existing infrastructure, space, equipment, goods that are landed at ports need to be evacuated straight away without any loss of time. Accordingly the concept of Container Freight Stations (CFS) has grown in importance along with the development and growth of ports.

3.2. A CFS is an extended arm of Port/ ICD/ Aircargo Complex, where import/ export goods are kept till completion of their examination and clearance. The imported goods can be immediately shifted from the port to CFS which also helps in the reduction of port congestion. All the activities related to clearance of goods for home consumption, warehousing, temporary admissions, re-export, temporary storage for onward transit and outright export and transshipments take place from such stations. Therefore, clearance of goods from CFS is an important point of consideration for trade in respect of export/ import Cargo as it is the final Customs contact point.

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