Project Cargo

ILS Oman has established its credential by successfully completing many prestigious projects in Oman. Proper Planning and Flawless execution of Project movements has brought many laurels to ILS Oman - Salalah Independent Power and Desalination Plant, Amal Gas Power Plant & Kauther Gas Plant Expansion are some of the projects handled by ILS in the past. In addition to these projects, Musandam Gas Plant- MGP involved,

  • Monitoring and supervising the discharging operations of the ship,
  • Offloading cargo directly on to Multi Axles trucks,
  • Complete all Custom clearance formalities,
  • Complete all Port formalities,
  • Barge stowage planning and Loading,
  • Finally delivery to site and Offload the cargo at the site

MGP was a mega project – It required movement of some pieces as long as 40 meters and height of more than 7.5 meters. The maximum weight has been about 200 tons. ILS Oman team, with its rich experience and expertise has executed many shipments smoothly and received applause for their professionalism and responsiveness from customer. ILS team has professionals with more than a decade of experience in the field of projects Heavy lifts and ODC execution across MENA. Team is having deep knowledge of HSE, preparation of method statement, Execution plan, lifting, planning stowage activities, Port formalities and transportation, which has been ensuring successful executions for Projects.

  • Substantial cost impact
  • Working with shorter lead times
  • Ability to arrange Increased labour requirements to complete the projects on time

ILS preplans successful project implementation by:

  • Conducting a detailed country-specific port, route and bridge surveys before shipment arrival.
  • Preparing site reports to identify challenges and manage them in advance and not wait for shipments to arrive.
  • Conclude all business arrangements with our partners and carriers.
  • Preparing lift plans and tie-down recommendations.
  • Analyzing the shipment to determine whether odd dimensions and weight per piece can be reduced, which may allow us to expand carrier and routing options and to minimize transport and handling costs.
  • Providing on-site representation during loading and unloading.

ILS manages all Break Bulk and ODC with support from local community service providers. ILs has in place business arrangements with Partners for heavy Lift Cargo movement. At ILS, we have always ensured and put all our efforts to eliminate or reduce Hazards to ALARP by preparing a "method statement - Full operational / Procedure module".

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