Warehousing & Distribution

At ILs, we offer cost effective solutions to our customers in the management of their logistics requirements. We help our clients deal with the challenges of warehouse capacity, staff numbers, skills and training, equipment and industrial compliance in the management of their total logistics requirements. The business operates modern facilities with 15,000 pallet positions for dry and ambient goods and 15,000 pallet position of temperature controlled products. The facilities are geared to handle varying sizes of products, from small to large and cater to the needs of both short and long term storage, as well as overflow requirements. ILS is uniquely placed in the industry through the ownership of these state of the art facilities.

We have a complete range of warehousing and distribution services. Our facilities blend modern systems and equipment with industry-best-practices to lower our customers' warehousing and distribution costs, while improving their service levels meeting varied market requirements. The warehouses are enabled to store perishable items, as these facilities have multiple chambers which can be maintained "Between 0º centigrade to minus 25º centigrade".

Our Warehouses are also geared to offer several tailor made services to suite the customer requirements. We offer:

  • Cross-docking facilities to customers with very high inventory turnaround
  • Labeling boxes as per requirement of the customer
  • Sorting, unpacking and repacking, reweighing of cartons/boxes
  • Adding usage instructions to cartons and individual boxes
  • Shelf life management
  • Any kind of promotion-focused services
  • Distributing point-of-sale displays
  • Co-packing advertising material to the product package
  • Shipping of promotion materials
  • Time-focused service - just-in-time
  • Reverse logistics
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Order processing
  • Invoicing

In addition to above, ILS offers value-added services such as kitting, tagging, bar coding, pre-delivery inspection, repairs & damages collection, and non-hazardous waste disposal management.

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